Southern Park (Complete Map)

The Catskill Park Wayfinding Sign Project promotes outdoor recreation by connecting the numerous destinations such as trailheads, fishing spots, swimming areas, campgrounds, and skiing venues with the major highways. Employing the unique Catskill Park logo with universal icons for recreational activities, the signs will improve the traveler’s experience and build greater awareness of the outdoor resources that characterize the region and help support its communities. The project is funded by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s Smart Growth Implementation Grant Program and the Catskill Watershed Corporation. In addition to CWC and DEC, project partners include NYCDEP, NYSDOT, and area recreation groups.

The map below is a working DRAFT of a signage plan for the southern portion of the Catskill Park Region. Using color-coded pins, the map shows:
Blue PinDestinations to be signed
Yellow PinExisting Signs (Catskill Park Logo signs for recreational destinations only)
Red PinProposed Signs
Installed Sign

If you would like to view any of the three map categories separately, go to the drop-down menu for the Wayfinding Signs Project and choose a map. To navigate the maps, click and drag to shift the view; and use the zoom tool in the map window (or the wheel on your mouse). All the maps cluster the point locations. As you zoom in, points will become viewable individually. By placing your cursor over an individual location, the destination/ resource to be signed will be shown. Clicking on points for proposed signs reveals the proposed content of the sign panels. Any notes particular to the location are included below the proposed content.

A few notes: Point locations are approximate and illustrative. Capital letters in parentheses of point titles refer to the direction of travel. “Advance” refers to signs that warn motorists in advance of an intersection or roadside access point. Overlapping yellow (existing) and red (proposed) pins refer to existing signs where additional panels are proposed.

Genius Loci Planning